Nightengale of Samarkand (nightengalesknd) wrote in asexuals,
Nightengale of Samarkand

Looking for statistical information

Hi. A friend suggested I might have luck getting my question answered here. I'm looking for the percentage of US adults who have never been sexually active . Something with ages would be fine: X% of 30 year olds or Y% of adults 21-80 polled. . . something like that. If it's from a reasonably good scientific or polling source, all the better. I know the 1/100 estimate for asexuality, but I know some number of self-IDed asexuals are sexually active from time to time, and I'm sure some (small) number of self-IDed sexuals actually get through life without it, so I need an estimate of behavior, not identity.

Mostly I want a number to back myself up the next time one of my professors or classmates claims that EVERYONE becomes sexually active sooner or later, because saying "Well, I won't" doesn't seem to be sufficient. We had a discussion about the HPV vaccine yesterday and everyone else present was saying we should definitely vaccinate all women as young teens because they ALL will be at risk, sooner or later. So I just want a non-zero number that's published somewhere, so maybe eventually I can convince people we should start saying "most" or "almost everyone" rather than "everyone unless they're abnormal." Especially considering medicine is supposed to be an evidence-based field.

Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction!

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