richard_moeller (richard_moeller) wrote in asexuals,

The Abortion Post

i don't think it's fair that commenting on the last post was disabled. here is my say:

please. you do realize that this whole thing would take months, not 7 days, right? and the thoughts of the child are rediculous because they are the thoughts of a MUCH older, fully-formed human being placed in the mind of one who was conceieved a couple days ago. this is some of the most rediculous tripe i've ever heard. the unrealistic and exagerrated voice of the unborn child is so rediculously heart-string tugging. and what is the need to pull jesus into this mess? and a person/cell conceived 3 days ago can't cry with its mommy, sorry. i can't believe people buy into this garbage.

i just can't stand when people use outlandish imagery on an issue that is very serious to manipulate the emotions of readers. this is completely rediculous.

if abortion has something to do with asexuality for you, fine. but we are talking about a serious issue here, and you can't just use a grossly exaggerated and entirely innacurate story like this to talk about a subject that deserves a great deal of respect and at least a teeny amount of fact-based opinion.
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