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Asexuals We Are's Journal
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Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
2:14 am
I'm hoping I can find some answers here.

I'm 16, female. I've never done "anything" with anyone...I've kissed quite a few people, but it's never gone farther than that. I can appreciate when a female is beautiful, but never have I felt an attraction towards one. I sometimes, very rarely, feel a somewhat sexual attraction towards men, but I've never felt the urge to sleep with one, or anything of that "type" of activity.

I'm so confused about myself, I only discovered asexuality about a week ago, and I'm not sure if it fits me...also, I'm really scared as to what my friends will think if I tell them.

Maybe it's a health problem, there's something wrong with my hormones? Or is it that I am an asexual? Please help me out...anything is appreciated.

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, October 9th, 2010
9:54 am
just joined
hi all!I am new to this community but not to asexuality as i have been asexual most of my life and felt asexual all of my life.

I am hoping to find other people here who i can identify with .i didnt realize how many asexuals were actualy out there in the world until i joined thease communities.its great to know im not alone because i have felt so alone most of my life with thease feelings.

I also feel androgynous even though i am a woman.internaly i am a person without gender

even though i am asexual i do enjoy some affection like kissing,hugging and cuddling.i am engaged to a paraplegic man(paralyzed from the waist down)so our relationship is asexual and i am compleatly in love with him as he is with me,so i defenetly belive that love and sex can be seperate and asexuals can be in relationships.

so thats the basiscs on me,i hope you all are well
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
3:25 pm
Asexual Meetups in UK and Australia this Weekend!
Asexual meetup groups are springing up across the globe. This Saturday, February 7th there will be meetings in York and London (UK) and in Sydney, Australia.

For more info on these meetups and other future and potential meets up, check out the AVEN Meetup Mart.

Please also feel free to list any additional asexual meetups here, or if you wish to put out info for people to contact you over a potential meetup.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
4:01 am
Last year, I broke my 2 and a half years of asexuality when I had sex with my girlfriend (who was also asexual)....about 6 months down the line and after deciding on an open relationship...i'm starting to feel extremely asexual again.

I don't regret doing it, no way in hell, it means that I have come to terms with various issues I had pertaining to abusive relationships and I feel more confident and comfortable with myself more than I ever have been.
It's strange though, many asexuals feel disgusted by sex. I am not disgusted by it atall...it's more of an apathy, I could stop doing it for years and it wouldn't bother me I coould carry on doing it for years and it wouldn't bother me.

It's not the fact that sex disgusts me that makes me feel asexual, there is a part of me that enjoys being sexless. I enjoy sexlessness, ugliness...I enjoy it when the general population can't find me sexually attractive, I enjoy being void of sex, my body being used only as a vessel to create art, be art, explore existentialism and all subjects pertaining to that. I enjoy knowing that only people interested in what I have to say will converse with me, rather than being conversed with purely for some guy to get into my pants.

I find that alot of people can't understand that, they seem obsessed with being "sexy", so sure that I must hate myself or have some deep psychological issues because I don't fit their cookie cutter "beautiful girl" template. They can't grasp that I would take romanticism over sexuality any day, they don't see that sex means nothing....and that the entwining of souls is what should be valued.

People are shallow...

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
12:35 pm
little pissed off now.
i have a crush on a boy. it's one of those harmless, i fancy this guy cos he's cute and i want to know him, curshes, with nothing about the, i want to bonk his brains out, cos of course, i don't.

my friend says, see where it goes, try and orgasm, they're fun

i tell her, no. im asexual, i have no interest in sex. i never want it. i think it's disgusting, to be honest. all teh sweating and thrusting and groaning. no. i just want to get to know him and be close to him and it's nothing to do with sex, it's just a childish crush thing.

and she comes back with, i think there's a deeper problem if you think sex is disgusting.


im sure that MOST people would actually think sex a little disgusting if they didn't enjoy it. i mean, having someone thrust their cock inside you until they come and leave their sperm behind. how can that NOT be seen as disgusting or just a bit gross? i think that people get so caught up in the pleasure aspect that they don't see it for how it really is (while im too caught up in the actual act process to even care abotu the pleasure that might be there)

so i told her to go to the aven website.
but it annoys me. i dont' appreciate people telling me theres something wrong with me because i don't view sex the way that they do. or to be told that because once or twice i have enjoyed a kiss and felt a little spark with someone, i therefore will want sex with the right person. OR that i just need to find the right persn and i will change my mind (yeah right. cos i will suddenly want sex and be all horny when the right guy comes along, despite having met plenty of guys i really like and want to be with and never felt that way about any of them)

just fucks me off. why can i not just have a chidlish crush on someone and want him to like me, and therefore worry that my clothes dont' scare him off (i can be scarey when goffed up) without being told that i will want sex with him one day and i have a problem when i say i won't.

why can't people just accept that some people feel differently abotu sex, want different things out of life that doesn't include sex, and that they KNOW their own mind and their own bodies wlel enough to know what they do and dont' want to do with it. why do other people always think that they know better?
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
7:14 pm
just wanted to rant really

my mum had a stroke. she's had one before, about 15 years ago, and this one really shook her up i think, she can't talk properly, her right arm is a bit fucked

anyway, i visit her in the hospital and she goes on about me wanting to meet someone. she has done it before, but this time it was more insistant. i know she just wants me to be happy, but i keep telling her that im ok as i am, single and with cats, that i don't like sharing with people, or dating or anything else. but she still goes on. she wants me to be ghappy and judges her idea of what that is by what made her happy, a husband. and i guess she doens't want me to be alone, and she's probably realising that she won't live forever

and it's upsetting me. i want her to be happy, i want her to feel safe that i am ok, but i can't lie to her, and i can't date some random guy or even, most guys, because of the asexuality issue. i do fear and worry abotu being alone, that if she died i'd have no one close to me to talk to, to do things with. i have friends but it's not teh same as your mum. and i think a partner is, in many ways, like a mum because they are close to you in that different sort of way.
and i worry and fear that she will be upset, that i am upsetting her, because im on my own

it's frustrating. i don't want to be alone, if she dies. i don't want her to be upset, fearing that i will be lonely, but at the same time, i can't just date some guy, or be with some guy, to not be alone. if mum dies, i will miss her, i will be lonely, a guy won't replace her. and i just dunno what to do or say to her, that i haven't already said, that will make her understand, i WILL be lonely without her, i WILL miss her, and a man won't change that and a man won't make me happy either. :(
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
7:59 pm
channel 4, in the uk, to film four real life, older men, who are virgins, having sex for the first time.

ok. fair enough. they're doing a season on virginity, but i wonder if they will talk to people who choose to remain virgins, asexuals, who don't care about sex.

and, i dunno. i feel kinda bad that they're making a big deal out of the age of this guy, that being 40 and a virgin is a huge deal. ok i guess most of society has had sex before that age, but does that mean he should be made the subject of extra attention like this just cos he hasn't?
Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
1:31 am
I guess a large part of my asexuality is the fact that I'm "pretty". For those of you who don't have that particular deformity, it might be difficult to understand, but I'll try to lay it out. RantCollapse )

Oh, great. I'm "pretty". I'm an *especially valuable* sex object. Naturally, having a brain, I *hate* this. I have *always* hated whiny, "pretty" women who feed their egos and their careers by putting on makeup and prancing about like idiots in front of men. I have always *deeply* loathed females who use their looks to get their way.
Every subatomic particle of my body screams against being anything like that sort of scum. So, sort of like a reaction to that, I've always rejected sex. I really barely remember I'm a girl until someone points it out to me, so the behavior other people give me is often very confusing and irritating. To me (because it's happened so many times), being called pretty is an insult. It overlooks my brain; and my goal in life is not to be "pretty", it is to cultivate my intelligence. "Pretty" means they can only see me as just another sex object. "Pretty" means my brains don't count. "Pretty" means that when they think of me, they think of my body. Curse it. My intelligence is what I care about. I honestly wouldn't give a hoot if I got a disfiguring facial scar; in fact, I'd probably be relieved, because then I wouldn't have to be a sex object. People would *have* to value me only for my intellect. As it stands, I'm thinking of just starting to wear masks while I'm in public. Maybe it would force people to stop seeing me as a "sexy" thing, and start seeing me as a bloody *human being*.
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
2:00 pm
out last night. met three friends and thier partners. one has a wife, and two are enganged.
and it's depressing!
i dont' want to be married. i certainly don't want to be a pregnant wifey, like my friend's wife, but i still find it depressing. i guess because im seeing people doing the 'normal' thing, or at the veryleast, HAVING someone thing. and im there, on my own, AGAIN, not meeting anyone cos it's damn hard to meet someone who doesn't want sex

hell, i don't even really like dating that much, i hate kissing, but every now and then i want a guy who fancies me, who wants to be with JUST me, and hang out with me, someone i can fancy and have feelings for, because having those feelings always makes me feel more alive. i like crushes, i like having someone to think about, someone to want to impress and be around.

it conflicts with my feminist side, the whole, i shuldn't want to dress up and be nice to impress some guy, i should do it for me, but at the same time, i do try and look nice for me when i go out, but a part of me STILL does it to try and impress a guy, so i can have that crush, and so i can feel attractive. and i hate that. i hate feeling like society has still gotten to me, in taht respect, because i still feel that need to look nice to get a guy. even though i'd have nothing to do WITH that guy.

and felt even more depressed cos the best looking guy there last night spent the first half getting off with a not so good looking other guy. gayness is all nice and all (yum) but it just left me feeling, sigh. how nice to have that passion, that fun (they were pretty full on) and have someone you can share your sexuality with. while having no sexuality means you're pretty much on your own. i hate kissing, i also hate sweaty men (and one of the boys was VERy sweaty) and they were certainly kissing a lot. but i still wanted to have that.

ok so im rambling now, but basically, i feel all depressed cos my friends have partners, and lives and futures, and i feel like i can't have that because of the asexuality. and im jealous of cute gay boy and his sweaty friend for being able to have a sexuality that can BE something. they can be gay and open and proud and DO something with it, but asexuality by it's very nature is something that has nothing to be done with! i really don't want to spend my life alone. i really want to find someone that can make me feel alive, without any of the sex crap. and it's making me feeling crappy that i dont' think i will ever have that.
Monday, October 16th, 2006
11:10 pm

someone in a community posted a thing about how they want to change british law so that if you have sex with a very drunk woman, you can be prosectued for rape. (it's about how, if she is drunk she cannot fully and consciously consent to sex, therefore it can be seen as rape.) personally i think this is a good idea because a lot of the time women who are drunk and raped have their cases dismissed because the alochol is seen as a negative thing for them, that is, they may have consented but were too drunk to remember, or their morals are weak for drinking so much so they deserve it. i think having this law will be a good thing because of that. (although there will be negative sides too. people crying rape for compensation, or out of regret and so on)

anyway, i said all of this, good and bad sides to this policy, and i also said how it may help people to think before they have wild drunk sex with strangers.

and some guy comes along and gets all superior about how we shouldnt force our morals onto other people, and how people can do wahtever they want, and bla bla it's wrong. and how i was picking on female morality (actually i was picking on male morality. i think that it might make men think twice abotu sleeping with women who are drunk and not fully aware of what is going on and perhaps end that awful social acceptance that you can loosen up a woman with alochol, as though it's ok to get her a bit tipsy and make your move cos then she will do something she wouldn't do sober)

anyway, my point is, i am SO pissed off that this guy thinks it is a BAD thing for people to have to think before they have drunken sex! he is so full of the rights of people to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want, that he doesn't think having to think abotu it, having the risk that someone may cry rape on you the next day, if they are that drunk and can't think straight at the time, may actually be a good deteriant to people to, perhaps, NOT have drunk sex.

i find that totally amazing, that he is all full of how im forcing my morals on people, and how im denying his freedom of speech, simply because i think that a good side of this law will be that people have to think before they jump into bed.

oh my gosh, people might have to THINK about what they're doing before they have sex with people that they just met and are drunk with. what a HORRIBLE situation.

i just find it amazing. if more people thought before having sex with people they dont' know there might be fewer stds going around. i just can't believe someone thinks it is a bad thing for people to have to think about it. ok the law has flaws, but it has good points too, but ultiatmtely, he got snarky with me because i think that something that encourages people to think before they fuck is a good thing.
Sunday, October 15th, 2006
12:59 pm
i met a friend last night, first time seen him in 5 years, i just moved back to my uni town
first thing he asked, you seeing anyone. or rather, you having sex with anyone :)
met another friend a few weeks back, she asked if i was dating anyone.

first, if i was, i would have either brought them with me, or not moved back!
second, i guess, is i really hate the idea that we're expected to date. ok they don't know im asexual, it wasn't the place to go into it, but they ask if im dating before they ask if i have a job, why im moving back, how my cats are, my family, that sort of thing. dating is the first thing they think of.

i dunno what im trying to say, just, sigh, i guess :) would be nice if people didn't ask about my dating habits, because when ui lived here, i never dated. and now im back i have to say im still not dating and it just makes me think that they think im weird, because i haven't told them WHY im not dating!
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
1:05 pm
just reading in my tv guide zabotu robin hood which is showing on the beeb tonight in the uk. and the guy playing the sherif was talking about how he was a sociopath (the sherief)
AND asexual! :)

and ok he's a villian character, but it's still nice, i guess, that there will be someone on tv, not driven by sex, and that the actor playing him knows what asexual is enough to say it in a tv guide.

and yes, i know he's a character, but there are still very few asexual cahracters, if any, on tv! and certainly not many people who know what it is to say it in an interview :)
Monday, September 25th, 2006
1:04 pm
just wanted to rant a bit, i think a lot of you will understand!
my brother isn't asexual. he lived up here for a while, had sex with random girls, and then when he moved back with my parents he bitched abotu how easy they all were! i just cna't believe it. he had sex with them, therefore he is JUST as easy as they are, yet it's a bad thing for him when a girl is like that, even though he likes to boast about everything he did with them

he has a friend who is dying, his friend is also very religious and wont' have sex before marriage. my brother thinks that's stupid and a waste, that he wont' have sex ever really.

sigh. it just amazes me how my brother, raised laongside me with parents who taught us to respect people, has so little respect for these girls, such double standards and thinks sex is so important.

i really wonder where he got it from!
Monday, July 31st, 2006
2:41 am
The Abortion Post
i don't think it's fair that commenting on the last post was disabled. here is my say:

please. you do realize that this whole thing would take months, not 7 days, right? and the thoughts of the child are rediculous because they are the thoughts of a MUCH older, fully-formed human being placed in the mind of one who was conceieved a couple days ago. this is some of the most rediculous tripe i've ever heard. the unrealistic and exagerrated voice of the unborn child is so rediculously heart-string tugging. and what is the need to pull jesus into this mess? and a person/cell conceived 3 days ago can't cry with its mommy, sorry. i can't believe people buy into this garbage.

i just can't stand when people use outlandish imagery on an issue that is very serious to manipulate the emotions of readers. this is completely rediculous.

if abortion has something to do with asexuality for you, fine. but we are talking about a serious issue here, and you can't just use a grossly exaggerated and entirely innacurate story like this to talk about a subject that deserves a great deal of respect and at least a teeny amount of fact-based opinion.
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
1:37 am
Just an Idea
Though it seems like this community has been inactive for quite awhile I still figured you all might be interested in a new community. Want a pen pal? Then join asexual_pals
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
1:30 am
Neither butterflies nor bees...
Today, as I browsed through the posts in the asexuality, I came to the disheartening, yet very honest, conclusion that I can effortlessly and unhesitatingly relate to most ideas and sentiments expressed in the community members’ introductory posts and the ensuing discussions. Too effortlessly. With comparative ease I was able to place myself into their shoes and empathize with the emotional turmoil they are going through that stems from the frustration of being different from and misunderstood by others, others who are inherently inclined towards the approved ‘healthy’ sexual activity.

It made me realize that the vague, ineffable feeling I got every time when associating with others, the feeling that defied any exact description because of its intangible nature that originates from subjective experiences is also shared by others, and even has a valid name.continue to readCollapse )

Current Mood: sunny
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
2:15 pm
Hello all! ^_^

Name is Kayla, I'm not actually asexual, but the guy I like is, so his sexuality (or as he puts it "lack off") really fascinates me. I'd like to learn about the different kinds of asexuality and reasons for hating sex.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning anyone. In fact, I totally respect people's choices when it comes to stuff like this. Sex really isn't for everyone.

I myself am pansexual, but I am not actually sexually active. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi to everyone!
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
2:53 pm
Hi everyone.
I had a dream last night... and so i posted it in my journal... which somehow eventually ended up being a ranty post about my anti-sex feelings... and how love != sex..( but most people think of it that way...)

when it hit me. I didnt belong to any LJ Asexual communities!! So i joined a couple.. And i'll prolly post this same message on the other one so apologies for that :P but...

Ever since i was little i guess i didn't get the whole sex thing.. Um.. I mean.. i didnt even realize it EXISTED till... like i duno 7th gradeish.. Because i never got "the talk" (Still havent actually.. and im 17 now...) so when i DID hit puberty it was pretty bad x_x But anyway...

But i guess i really acknowledged it's existance when in 8th grade.. my so called friend came to school crying because she "went to a party and got raped".. Um.. so she eventually cooked up the story of BECAUSE she raped she HAS to work as a stripper at some bar.. and im unfarmiliar with where she lives.. so i had no idea what she was talking about... But so she came to school wearing a iddy bitty skirt and huge ho boots and crap.. saying she had to go to work after school.. and im like "o_O okay..." So eventually the next year she was at my house spending the night for some reason.. and i was filling out a LJ survey :P (but it was un Ujournal.. now dead..) And one of the questions was like "blah have you ever had sex" so im like *Insert rant about how can they expect me to have done that already* So was on the couch and she says "Oh i lost it to so and so..." and i was shocked. and/or. Appauled. By that statement. I dont think i could have looked at her the same way again after that... But i never really thought about ME doing it ever... So i guess eventually She stopped bein my freind so she could go be freinds with her other ho freinds. And my other freind left because.. i duno she was prolly too busy being a ho.. And sooo i got my freind for 10th grade.. Taryn.. she posts on my journal sometimes.. I dont think shes asexual.. But.. shes a virgin as far as i know.. She fantasizes about stuff and is obsessed with yaoi and whatever but i duno... Then SHE moved.. but so ever since then.. all my freinds have been.. DUN DUN DUN.. guys.. (i graduate next month..) and Neither of them have ever had girlfreinds that i know of.. and i havent really asked them.. but im ASSUMING they are both virgins.. and Actually i asked one of them out and he REJECTED me horribly X_X i duno why but *shrug* hes my best freind now...

So like last year MSN had an article talking about asexuality.. I didnt even know it existed until i read that.. But as i read it.. it's like a lightbulb went off in my head.. THIS.. is what i am.. There's nothing.. WRONG with me.. there ARE other people like me out there!!!! SO i showed my dad.. he just said "ok.. maybe" my dad is a big sex freak :\ unfortunatly..

moving along....

I have a boyfreind.. we've been together for 2 years now.. And i love him more than anything. (And thats REAL love not sexishness desires x-x) however i met him on the internet.. On BYOND actually.. But.. We've met in real life throghout the years... He was over last weekend actually with my other 2 guy freinds.. and 1 of them decided to through my underwear everywhere X_X but anyway... Our relationship is really.. REALLY.. good =3 and Even though i never really asked him about it.. I think he MAY.. be asexual.. but i dont know... I should really ask him about that >_< but.. I know i am.. I have ABSOLUTELY /NO/ desire whatsoever to have sex AT ALL... SO when he comes over we hug and stuff ^_^ and i REALLY enjoy that sort of thing.. But... You know sometimes i feel like it's not enough.. Like.. you can go further with the relationship but i'm not sure how..

So I guess my question is to you guys... is.. If you DO have a relationship... with someone.. What sort of things do you like to do.. um... i duno have fun or express your love for eachother... Even though we are both 17.. (He'll be 18 next month..) We both cant drive. Me im petrified of it... I duno why he doesnt *shrug* but.. My dad can drive us places sometimes.. but you know we cant go out driving or whatever.. Um.. and drugs and drinking are totally out of the question.. Im very anti drug anti drinking too.. Um. Also Im very anti porn.. anti.. masturbation.. anti naked too XD!!! I guess im anti a lot of things.. *shrug*

Ummm.. so i guess thanks for reading my long rambly post about nothing ^_^;;

and thanks in advance for any info and whatnot..

<3 Cait

Current Mood: :P
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
12:30 pm
Misanthropes, hermits, cynics, asexuals, intellectuals and philosophers of the world .... Join this community :). A friendly community of discussion and introversion for the meek and the clever.


(cross-posted terribly :O, and I hope that this does not violate any comm rules.)
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
1:02 pm
Looking for statistical information

Hi. A friend suggested I might have luck getting my question answered here. I'm looking for the percentage of US adults who have never been sexually active . Something with ages would be fine: X% of 30 year olds or Y% of adults 21-80 polled. . . something like that. If it's from a reasonably good scientific or polling source, all the better. I know the 1/100 estimate for asexuality, but I know some number of self-IDed asexuals are sexually active from time to time, and I'm sure some (small) number of self-IDed sexuals actually get through life without it, so I need an estimate of behavior, not identity.

Mostly I want a number to back myself up the next time one of my professors or classmates claims that EVERYONE becomes sexually active sooner or later, because saying "Well, I won't" doesn't seem to be sufficient. We had a discussion about the HPV vaccine yesterday and everyone else present was saying we should definitely vaccinate all women as young teens because they ALL will be at risk, sooner or later. So I just want a non-zero number that's published somewhere, so maybe eventually I can convince people we should start saying "most" or "almost everyone" rather than "everyone unless they're abnormal." Especially considering medicine is supposed to be an evidence-based field.

Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction!

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