Chris Morgan-Quicksilver (quicksilver555) wrote in asexuals,
Chris Morgan-Quicksilver

just joined

hi all!I am new to this community but not to asexuality as i have been asexual most of my life and felt asexual all of my life.

I am hoping to find other people here who i can identify with .i didnt realize how many asexuals were actualy out there in the world until i joined thease communities.its great to know im not alone because i have felt so alone most of my life with thease feelings.

I also feel androgynous even though i am a woman.internaly i am a person without gender

even though i am asexual i do enjoy some affection like kissing,hugging and cuddling.i am engaged to a paraplegic man(paralyzed from the waist down)so our relationship is asexual and i am compleatly in love with him as he is with me,so i defenetly belive that love and sex can be seperate and asexuals can be in relationships.

so thats the basiscs on me,i hope you all are well
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