no. (roses_rejoice) wrote in asexuals,

My latest pet peeve

It's been a while since I posted in here but I've noticed something else annoying about some people's sexual behavior. Some people I see who have all these rules and requirements for a "relationship", i.e. some kind of commitment or emotional bond. these might include physical proximity, family status (no divorcees, nobody with kids), nobody under or over a certain age, person needs to look a certain way, etc. OK, I guess we all have things we look for. BUT what pisses me off is when the person making up the checklist will STILL go ahead and have sex with anybody who doesn't meet the "criteria" in, you're not good relationship material because you don't meet B and C on my list, but hey, if you wanna f*ck me for the night then I'm ready, willing and able to at least get something out of you that way! I just wonder if the partners all understand this or do they think that they're sleeping with someone they might have a prayer of forming a relationship with, only to get told or shown later, "well, yeah we had fun but I don't consider you serious commitment material." Blehhhhhhhhhhhh...
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