Nat (36) wrote in asexuals,


I've started a new community for the 'other type' of asexuality. I realise that asexuals and, er, asexuals have a lot in common, both living in a society that expects a different level of interest in sex than they express, but I'm not seeing anything that appeals to me on this community. In fact I'm actually very in favour of all forms of consentual sex, I just don't have the urge to have any myself.

So here's the alternative, if this doesn't fit you then you don't have to join :)

asexuality is a community for asexual people to discuss living without sexuality. We welcome anyone with no or very little sexual attraction to others.

Those in romantic or emotional relationships or wishing to discuss the issues involved in asexual relationships are welcome to bring their input to this forum.

Please note that criticism of the sexuality of others is not permitted on this forum. This community was not created to attack the lifestyles of others but to discuss the experience of being or living asexual.

This community is not anti-sex or people who have sex, it is simply populated by people with little or no sexual drive of their own.

If you want to know more, take a look at the community.
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