false reality (fatal_xtc) wrote in asexuals,
false reality

Just an Idea

Though it seems like this community has been inactive for quite awhile I still figured you all might be interested in a new community. Want a pen pal? Then join asexual_pals
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Hi! I shall keep it in mind.
I do try to comment in the 'Friends' part of the community and it is fine for me now, letter's etc. seem to be a bit of the past for me now I am on the internet. But a good idea, that my other friends may want to participate. I may when I am a bit more organised in my life. So much activity. I should get back to it ... Good idea!
Thanks! Though I don't have that much activity going on in my life I haven't written an actual letter in forever. The community is for both e-mail and post mail pals depending on the individual. Hope your activity is going well hehe :)
You are welcome to add me and we can communicate if you like. It may just be in the comment area but the more often you view the 'friends' section you will see me ranting and raving on various aspect's I care to think about.... ciao!
Cool, you are added. I will certainly keep a lookout :)